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Mothers are amazing and so are our children. But parenting can be intense and we both need and deserve effective support. How would you like to learn tailor-made skills to better resource yourself with more heartfelt presence for your unique life-journey together? 


Live Online Community & Courses with Riga Forbes

Would you like a calmer and more nourishing experience of mothering?  How would it be if you could make time to deeply relax and find your quiet centre within? Mindfulness works for me and many others, and I've created some amazing live online courses for mothers like us, using techniques to help you undo the knots of stress, as and when they come up for you. Join us on a course from wherever you are with me, published author, facilitator and complementary therapist, Riga Forbes...

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Riga Forbes

"Hello and welcome to the motherspace.

I am an author, complementary therapist and facilitator of groups for women with over 20 years experience in Mindfulness practice. My goal is to support wellness, resilience and connection for mothers far and wide. At the motherspace I create real and virtual community spaces for mothers to share together and to learn powerful tools to support emotional health and relaxation. These can help you to bring more balance, joy and self-empowerment into your life. Are you ready to journey together?"

"Riga is a strong, gentle and loving facilitator.

She is truly inspiring!”

Alexandra, mother of 4, UK

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Mindful Pregnancy & Birth

Janet Balaskas, author of ‘NEW ACTIVE BIRTH’ and founder of The Active Birth Movement:

"I love this book – so much needed in today’s world

when pregnant women are generally so stressed. 

This book will show you how easy and natural it is to be mindful and how much that can change the quality of your life.  Read this book – it’s life changing!"


of Resilient Mindful Mums Course


Resilient Mindful Mums

Course: Parts I & II

“Riga’s course has been brilliant, I highly recommend it.  I went from feeling exhausted

and stressed in week 1 to calm and happy by week 2. What has struck me is how simple

and gentle the techniques are and yet they are so powerful."

(Emily, mother of 2, UK)  

Resilient Mindful Mums

part I

Instant Calm Toolkit

Developing tools to de-stress could be the

best thing you ever did for your children.

This deeply relaxing 3 week course is for mums of all ages and stages who want to give back to themselves, to feel more present, grounded and to avoid falling into stress patterns. Self-love and nurture feature large in my approach to mindfulness and on this course you will be supported in growing your inner sense of calm in the midst of motherhood challenges,

to deepen your body-connection using the breath, to expand your awareness and

develop an attitude of self-care using techniques for instant stress-relief.

Resilient Mindful Mums

Part II

Compassion Toolkit

A mother's love is vast. This course will help you to

connect more deeply with your powerful heart-centre.

This brilliant 4 week course follows on from Part I and takes us on a journey of deepening compassion for ourselves and for those around us. Here we focus on bringing the key tools of mindfulness and relaxation into the dynamic space of family life by supporting you to develop your ability to respond from that positive, loving and relaxed place within you. 

Deep Nurture Retreat Day for Mothers

A day of rest, sharing & creative inspiration.
Saturday 15th February 10.30 am -  4 pm, near Lewes, East Sussex, UK

"This was the most luxurious, delicious day of taking time for yourself as a mum.

So, so needed. I passionately believe that more women need to come and do this,

to take a few hours out to nurture themselves"
(Rebecca, mother of 2, UK)

This Retreat Day will be a luxurious opportunity to engage in deep rest and relaxation, mindfulness, movement and to work with our creative inspiration and personal vision.The day

will provide a space of self-care to reconnect with ourselves through focusing on body, mind

& heart. Mothers of every age and stage are welcome and a delicious home made lunch

and treats are included to nurture you. 

“A very nourishing experience; a supported, safe space to nurture spirit

in the company of other women. Inspirational!”

(Rosa, mother of 1, UK)


Mindful Thoughts for Mothers

"Check out the enchanting Mindful Thoughts for Mothers... this charmingly illustrated hardback takes a gentle meander through the motherhood journey, from pregnancy onwards by way of toddler tantrums, teenage strops and beyond. There's plenty of practical advice too, alongside meditations on the power of loving kindness, watching without judgement and the importance of self-celebration."

Waitrose Weekend Magazine

"...Having crossed the portal of birth, do you remember the first moment you began to catch up

with yourself, and found that you were a foreigner to the memory of your life before children?"

Riga's new book brings a fresh breath and compassionate outlook to the full

adventure of the motherhood journey.

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mindfulness & mothering...

Baby's Grasp

"When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will begin to see social change in ways that matter"

Ina May Gaskin


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